Free Fall

He opened his eyes. Took a deep breath and prepared himself for the unknown. It was always like this. A moment’s silence and pause before the oncoming storm. Barely time to think but an eternity of nothing until the rush of air hit his face. As he exhaled, two men came from behind and grabbed him with each arm, hooking theirs under his and picking him up before dragging him towards the rush of air. “Come on, son.” Shouted one of the men above the noise of the rushing air. “Here’s what’s waiting for you” he screamed before tossing him into the wind.
The air grabbed him and thrust him into a light. He didn’t know how fast he was travelling but it felt like his cheeks were about to fly off his face, it was that fast. The light blended into a familiar light blue colour with white patches before he realised it was the sky. There was a realisation of fear that he had been thrown out of a plane with no parachute. The fear quickly subsided. It wasn’t the first time that he had no explanation for where he was, what had happened and why falling through the air was apparently in his diary for today. He snapped out of his flippant thoughts when another colour appeared in the light. A faint yellow dot appeared in the distance beneath him. He always had some sense of impending doom when something new came out of nowhere, and this was no different. The yellow dot grew in size and added other colours to itself. Orange began to appear and light reds began to appear with tinges of black. He tried to speak, to exclaim, but the air was rushing so fast the only sound that came out was a squeak. The colours became more focused and was formed a cloud of flame. It rushed towards him as fast as he was falling down. The heat began to climb and make him perspire. The water barely had a chance as it flew behind him. He tried to take a deep breath as the cloud of flames got closer and closer but the air kept his mouth shut. The fear now took hold of his senses and he realised that there was no way out of this. He tried to move, divert himself away but the cloud began to engulf everything he saw below. Covering the entire field of his vision. The heat was unbearable now and the clothes he wore felt like they were melting into his skin. The cloud was almost an arms length away. He closed his eyes, reached out and grabbed it.
The moment’s silence ended and he opened his eyes. His dreams always ended like this. He felt around his clothes and slowly peeled the melting fabric off his skin. Was the dream real, he asked himself?

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