Will Robbie Keane be L.A’s Galactic Mistake?

Robbie Keane has the ability to be a prolific striker. With the MLS ever changing and evolving into a very entertaining league, a character of his stature and goal scoring ability should light up the west coast and completely kick start his career.

There is no doubting this, his 91 goals in 238 games for Tottenham is a record any striker would like. Something that Leicester City would have loved to have cashed in on (and they still might if the transfer didn’t go through before 5am). But L.A. Galaxy might have stretched themselves a little too far.

Wages rules in the MLS is as protracted as most American sports are with a salary cap. They can however nominate up to three players who have high earning wages. These are known as the “designated players”. No guesses who L.A. Galaxy’s three designated players are. David Beckham, Landon Donovan and Juan Pablo Angel. Angel seems to be the one player everyone thinks will go. He came in during the 2011 Draft to Galaxy after NY Red Bulls decided not to renew his contract and Philadelphia Union look set to get him.

But the transfer deadline in the U.S. has now passed. So no one can go. Landon Donovan is forever being linked with a return to the Premier League, although I seriously doubt he would go on anything but a loan deal. Then there is David Beckham, considering his future at the club and within football. He will always be a brilliant player but his fitness is concerning him after the Achilles injury last year and this season has looked, at times, uncomfortable.

You would think that part of the cherry for Keane going, other than the money and hollywood lifestyle, has to be Beckham’s awesome delivery. Keane needs all the help he can get with being set up for goals, as his stint at Liverpool and West Ham proved that he is not an effective lone striker, and with Beckham gone? Who’s going to do it?

Watching Galaxy can sometimes be a bit like watching England. Brilliant yet agonising. We all hope that Robbie Keane can find a team, play games, and get back to his best. No one wants to see the loveable Irishman crash and burn. But unless he gets the service, I fear his time at Galaxy could be more American Beauty than American Dream.

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