How do you solve a problem like Miami?

There has never been a better time to become a Miami Dolphins fan. Why? Well A) Everyone likes an underdog and B) Things can only get better… Really, they can. Stop laughing at me.

0-3 is not a great start for any team. Let alone a team who should be better than they currently are. The problem is that this is against teams that arguably Miami should have beaten or at least challenged more effectively. The Dolphins have many problems at the moment. It’s something that films are made of. Bad team comes good. Except this isn’t Hollywood and by the end of this season, the Fins will be at least two personnel lighter. Tony Sparano and Chad Henne will be out of the door. In much the same way a Premier League team will get instantly buoyed by the arrival of a new manager, Miami will do the same with a new coach.

To be fair to Sparano, he has actually built quite a good team of players offensively. Marshall and Bush are great players and should be racking up the numbers. Why aren’t they? Because there isn’t any chemistry in the team, that’s why. For most of last season and already this season, Chad Henne has been unofficially incumbent in many people’s eyes (and so has Sparano really). His number is up and the only reason that he isn’t on the bench is because Miami either cannot or will not find an instant ideal QB to fill his shoes. Not that he isn’t consistent or talented, of course Henne is. But he’s not the solution that Miami need at this time. He can put up the numbers, as we’ve seen, and he did alright against the Browns save for the picks.

There are options of course. But none of them you can argue are actually any better than Henne and other than a one year deal to help get some wins, none of them will be suitable in the long run. Sparano has built, in soccer terms, a mid table team. A team that can do well and survive but not really challenge. The problem being is that there is no one to build the team around. Looking at Peyton Manning for example, The Colts are defined by him and the offence. Everything the team does benefits his natural ability. The Dolphins have no one they can do this with and to be honest, they haven’t had anyone for a long time. Why else do you invent the Wildcat unless you’ve run out of options for your team?

The road ahead isn’t looking any better either, away at the Chargers and Jets with a bye in between. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Sparano is gone before Week 6. What Miami need to do is write this season off, draft well, get in a new coach and build a team around a semi talented QB. Because the quality of players that Miami have should be enough to build a team that can challenge for Wildcard spot and carry the QB. Of course Miami should be challenging for playoffs anyway, but with their division as it is, there’s no chance of that for the foreseeable future. Right now, it’s time to consolidate our losses, get through this Regular season as unscathed as possible and get the act together for the 2012 draft.

Until then, I will spend the season in hiding.