Twitter #cleaveropinion – Premier League W/C 25/08/12

So here is week two of the premier league results and the collated Cleaver Opinion from twitter this weekend. Agree or disagree? Want to follow? Just use #cleaveropinion on twitter.

MNU 3 – 2 FUL. RVP great finish, but too much space. Big teams will punish that. De Gea still occasional comedy gold. #cleaveropinion

AVL 1 – 3 EVE. Everton look good. Will be in Europe, full of goals. Villa? Bad… Very bad. Picking up where they left off. #cleaveropinion

SWA 3 – 0 WHU. Swansea took goals from nothing. Essential for PL. Be interesting to see how they do against top 3. #cleaveropinion

Side note: West Ham. If your offside trap hasn’t worked, just keep using it against a good team with pace, yeah? #cleaveropinion

CHE 2 – 0 NEW. Quality Chelsea. Newcastle didn’t turn up and the Torres we love and fear did. Hazard and him, telepathic.#cleaveropinion

TOT 1 – 1 WBA. Tough for Spurs but they need goals and decisive play. Or else 90 min equalisers will occur. Frustrating.#cleaveropinion

SOT 0 – 2 WIG. Just didn’t happen for Saints. Defensive errors quickly exposed. But good play & Wigan have goals for once.#cleaveropinion

NOR 1 – 1 QPR. Unlucky for Norwich. Should have won, created chances, Green handling outside box. Not convinced by QPR.#cleaveropinion

Side note: Football & goals = good. MOTD lineup though is worryingly bland. But better Lawro there than the commentary box.#cleaveropinion

STO 0 -0 ARS. Bogey team but Arsenal need goals. Although in honesty, I think they need service more. Playmakers needed.#cleaveropinion

LIV 2 – 2 MCY. Liverpool threw it away, frustrating. But hope for fortress Anfield. Allen: Immense. Borini: Found wanting.#cleaveropinion

Side note: Another impressive run out for Sterling. Reminds me of a young McManaman. Maybe LIV’s Walcott… But with goals.#cleaveropinion

Bonus Side Note: Some cracking goals. McGugan for Forest. Tiago for Athletico Madrid. Torres for Chelsea & Suarez for LIV.#cleaveropinion

Twitter #cleaveropinion – Premier League W/C 18/08/12

So here is week one of the premier league results and the collated Cleaver Opinion from twitter this weekend. Agree or disagree? Want to follow? Just use #cleaveropinion on twitter.

WBA 3 – 0 LIV. Deserved win, arguably Reina had no chance with goals. Liv missed 2 easy shots. Red card made the difference. #cleaveropinion

QPR 0 – 5 SWA. Very poor defending. Irresistible attacking. Michu looks great. Fear for QPR, they’ll need goals. #cleaveropinion

NEW 2 – 1 TOT. Good attack from both. Ba-great finish. Silly Pardew push. Both will be tough to beat. NEW at home even more. #cleaveropinion

Side note, if Newcastle can get both Ba and Cisse firing, god help everyone. #cleaveropinion

FUL 5 – 0 NOR. Clint who? What’s a Prog? NOR showed no attack & bad def. Exhibition for an interesting FUL side. Happy Jol!#cleaveropinion

Side note, Happy Jol is subjective. His face is like a stone with features painted on. #cleaveropinion

WHU 1 – 0 AST. Physical Villa, Cole falls over… And over. Goal on technicality. Will be a long season for both clubs. #cleaveropinion

Side note, two constants in PL. Big Sam will chew and at least one team will have a flourescent away kit. #cleaveropinion

REA 1 – 1 STO. Stoke becoming the new Bolton in physicality. Hilarious keeping. You have to feed the Prog. Balls = goals.#cleaveropinion

Side note, nods to @FootballRamble for “Feed the Prog.” enjoy some of their many great T Shirts here:

ARS 0 – 0 SUN. Frustrating for ARS. Good team, played ok. SUN had an invisible bus. No RVP hangover yet but goals needed.#cleaveropinion

Side note, following from friends comments yesterday, Giroud. He’s a handsome lad isn’t he? #cleaveropinion

WIG 0 – 2 CHE. Good outing for the Euro champs. Wigan also did well, possibly deserved consolation. More to come from both.#cleaveropinion

MC 3 – 2 S’TON. Best game so far. Ricky Lambert (YES) & great goals all round. Saints will be good, City machine goes on.#cleaveropinion

EVE 1 – 0 MNU. Fellaini something else. Utd looked patchy under pressure & De Gea kept them in the game in 1st half. AFRO! #cleaveropinion

Cheerleaders, Tebowing and Superbowls – It’s nearly Madden Time. (Madden 13 Preview)

In the next few weeks, Madden 13 will grace our lives. When I say “our” lives, I of course mean the fans of American Football. The rest of you will obviously be waiting for FIFA and drooling over how well Rooney’s plugs are rendered.

Now every year, unlike it’s rounded balled cousin, Madden curses whoever they choose to be on the cover with a terrible season/injury/crime. This year, the honour befalls one of the standout players of the past year. The man known only as ”Megatron.” Ok his real name is Calvin Johnson, but Megatron is his utterly deserved nickname.


What’s with the death stare on the left?

The Detroit Lions wide receiver had a career best season last year with 96 receptions for 1,681 yards and 16 touchdowns. But before you Lions fans get the hump with EA for hexing your star boy, the fans in a round robin based system voted for this. So basically, Detroit, no one wants you to be happy. Sorry.

One thing Madden does very well (although NBA 2K12 has risen its game mightily) is emulating the presentation of the game on TV. For years we’ve enjoyed the dulcet tones of John Madden’s replacement, Cris Collingsworth, calling the action. NO MORE! Now the job falls to the CBS pairing of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms (hopefully without his trademark magic pen).


Did you hear that? He just farted!

The new kits by Nike are fully represented also and the QB’s have recorded audio to give the game a completely authentic feel when at the line of scrimmage. This also goes along with the standard promised visual improvements (new engine, sun shading, motion blur). It also promises to be as interactive as ever with a new “Connected Careers” mode which lets you share your coaching/playing triumphs, failures, creations and plays via twitter to the real world, NFL insiders, etc.

Where Madden could strike big is by following in the success of the Ultimate Team game mode. This has been in Madden for a while, even before FIFA had it. But it is FIFA’s success that could really make it grow. Already you can take your team out with you on mobile and there is a lot of emphasis on this, especially seeming as 96% of fans (completely made up statistic) are obsessed with fantasy games.


Already the curse of Madden strikes as “Megatron” is now a reserve.

But this could make the difference of when you get bored after 7 seasons as your created character or running a franchise. The online play in Madden has always been extremely fun (much more fun that FIFA and less annoying). So hopefully the MUT as it’s known will add that great dimension to it.

Hopefully, when I get my hand on a copy, I’ll let you know how well it plays and how bad the Dolphins suck. In the meantime, dust off last year’s copy to trade it in, and download a few podcasts to get you ready. Or if you fancy a read, have some suggestions below for both:

Americarnage – (iTunes)

NFL Inside The Huddle – (iTunes)

Tailgate to Heaven – (Amazon)

ESPN’s Mike & Mike – (iTunes)

NFL Rants & Raves – (iTunes)