Put up or Shut Up… Part 2

The Buxton Blog

Walking into the garage, the team turn around and greet me like an old friend. I place my helmet and overall bags down on the table and introduce myself to the men in front of whom I will now have to do my all to not embarrass myself. They show me around the car, and talk me through the specs.

Built and designed by Van Diemen’s Ralph Firman, the MSV F4 013 has superb pedigree. A spaceframe chassis in compliance with FIA A.277 safety standards including front and rear carbon fibre impact structures, Diolen anti-intrusion side panels, cockpit head surround protection and wheel tethers. It’s a proper slicks and wings racer with adjustable front and rear wings, eight inch front and ten inch rear OZ wheels, fitted with Yokohama tyres. In the back, a 2 litre Duratec engine, using a Cosworth management system, kicks out 185bhp. The steering wheel features…

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