Look, it’s been a busy month, ALRIGHT??!?!?!?

Yes so I’m aware that my last update was exactly one month ago. I have been extremely busy. I know that’s a poor excuse but truly I have. Let me bring you up to speed on what I’ve been doing in the past thirty odd days.

1) Worked for a week as a lighting and sound technician for a new theatre company (@yetanothertco).

2) Been improving and organizing a student radio station to be idiot/future-proof… ish.

3) Playing SimCity and Minecraft, including starting a Let’s Play video channel for both on YouTube. (Note: Saving and uploading video takes a lot of time)

4) In process of forming a production company with a few good friends to create brilliant things for stage and screen.

5) Writing two scripts for said production company and a few re-writes.

6) Updating CV and applying for jobs online.

7) Having a job interview (yes, one).

8) Winning a prize for a short story.

OK so point 1, you already know about. And unless you’re interested, points 2,3, 6 and 7 aren’t interesting at all in the grand scheme of things. So let’s skip straight to points 4 and 5.


Evergreen Terrace Productions is a company that is being formed comprised of myself and a couple of friends from university. Our first project is going to be a web-series that we’re going to film. Much in the same format of The Guild but a completely different subject. Rom-Com/Sitcom. So far, the script and subsequent rewrites have had some good praise from both the company, people interested in helping (the wonderful Ellie de Rose) and even actors/actresses! I’m actually very blown away by how positive and excited people have been about this project which started as a crazy idea in passing in my head ages ago and now seems like it’s going to be very real. So I’m humbled and raring to go. And to spur me on with this seeming I could always worry that I’m a crap writer (as all writers do), out of nowhere I won a prize!

Backstory: So I submitted a short story to my university writing anthology with is published annually. I got through to being published which was fantastic and that was all I thought about it. Until this week when I received an email telling me that external judging decided that I am one of three people to win a prize for my fiction story! Utterly out of nowhere, and completely shocked at this news, I did a little jig… I actually did. I’ve read some of the entrants as they were by friends and blimey I did not expect this. Genuinely, I was surprised and ecstatic to be selected and my deepest thanks go out to the judges. The story will be published in November and hopefully I’ll be around to provide a live reading. Very nice!

But now the search for work and fundraising as well as production commitments continues and so I will waste some time on video games and Breaking Bad before Grand Theft Auto V comes out. Just to say good luck to my friend Clem who’s jumped across the border to Scotland to study a publishing masters at Stirling University. We had a great time watching Roger Allam at The Globe the other week and I’m sure you’ll spread your Vegan-ness up there like peanut butter and do wonderful things. Check out her AWARD WINNING blog http://www.thevegancookiefairy.com!

But go and check out twitter and instagram for further followings and I’ll promise to keep you as updated as possible.



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