Great at starting, awful at finishing.

I have a lot of good starts as a writer. But it’s getting past those good starts that annoys me greatly. Where my enthusiasm for a story either dies or I find I’m writing it in the wrong medium. I have one great moment of ‘YES, THIS IS AWESOME!’ This is then followed by an ‘Ah, bugger.’ I’m sure we all have them but I seem to be a slave to them at present. Which, as you can imagine for a writer, is highly frustrating.

There’s a good first line I have for a story (which I will not post here yet). But I’ve just written (literally just written) the beginning of a ghost story. In my mind, this is the beginning of an audio drama, maybe just a ghost story, maybe something like a Doctor Who audio (Big Finish dramas are bloody awesome, check them out). But I get so far and just crunch to a halt. I have only just finished a novella and several essays, applied for jobs and started a book already so I should probably give myself a little break. Anyway. Here it is. Please tell me if you think I should carry on, because I’m not sure. I’m never sure. Maybe I’ll just bank it for future use. But yeah, let me know.

There were knocks on the door. Tap. Tap. Tap. She was silent, laid still in her bed, the light off and home alone. Enough time passed for the echoes to fade before the knocks started again. Tap. Tap. Tap. ‘Who’s there?’ She asked.

There was no answer.

‘Who is it?’

No answer.

‘Hello?’ She said. But in her mind she really said help.

There’s no one here, she told herself. It’s just in your mind, she lied.

Tap. Tap…


… Tap.

Return of the Blog

Hello blog.

It’s been nearly two months. Two busy months and a hell of a lot of Doctor Who. But that’s all done now. University is done and I’m back, ready to make outlandish terrible commentary on current events will an ill-informed argument and an occasional gripe.

So if you’re reading this, you likely follow me on twitter so I don’t need to tell you what I’ve been up to. You all know. So I will give you a quick highlight of what’s been going on in my brain and my current feelings.

1) Benedict Cumberbatch OWNS the new Star Trek movie. He’s incredible in it and it’s visually spectacular. Go and see it. Now… I mean right now. Stop reading and go.

2) Broadchurch is out on DVD. This has been one of the greatest bit of British TV series of recent times, written by the great Chris Chibnall. Get it and watch it. I even converted two of my most critical friends to it.

3) Speaking of British TV, Luther returns in the summer, and Mad Dogs returns next month. I am excited for great television, especially seeming the Americans are besting us at the moment in this regard. I also can’t believe Utopia got a second series and Pramface a third series.

4) Tony Pulis leaving Stoke, Mourhinio to Chelsea, Rafa to PSG, Anchelotti to Madrid. Football done.

5) Trying to get a job is a nightmare… Well unless I go back to hell (I don’t want to go back to hell).

6) I have a pile of computer games to play and I kind of can’t be bothered to do it. I’m just waiting for SimCity to come on Mac so I can play it properly. Still very bugged though *sadface*

7) I have a HUGE pile of books to read, starting with A Song of Ice and Fire saga. I will not be available for at least a year for any other book.

8) I have two book ideas, one radio sitcom idea, a few comedy ideas and I still dislike Dan Brown.

9) I need to see more Liverpool games and must make it so for next year.

10) On the recommendation of Megan Walsh (@megwalsh10), I still have not eaten the Bacon or Shredded Jerky Chocolate that my friend brought me from his travels in Hong Kong.

Done. Until next time, I’ll leave you with this picture of Matt Smith’s Doctor looking at what I’m doing on my computer.