GTA San Andreas coming to Mobile in December

gta san andreas mobile

It was only a matter of time before we all jumped back in to Los Santos after finishing GTA V. What you didn’t know is that you’ll also jump back in time around twenty years… Well, you could have guessed.

Following in the footsteps of both GTA 3 and Vice City, GTA San Andreas is getting remastered and coming to mobile devices this Christmas. Whilst we look forward to this new generation, Rockstar are allowing us to skip back in time to the previous one and arguably the biggest game of the PS2/Xbox era.

Once again the graphics get a revamp that even puts those consoles to shame nowadays and all of the musical goodies that came with it (just listen to West Coast Classics on GTA V if you’re unsure of how awesome it is). Touch controls will allow you to return to Grove Street and take the return of CJ from funeral visitor to San Andreas lynchpin. I can’t wait to see the better looking versions of San Fierro (San Francisco) and lose all of my money in the parody neon lights of Los Venturas.

So, this December, your iOS device, Android, Windows Mobile and Amazon Kindle will get a whole lot more awesome (violent, colourful, musical – awesome) and full controller support apparently. We’ll give you more when we get it.


Link: Rockstar



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