TheGameJar is over two years old. TWO! That means we’ve seen four Doctor Who’s, one and a half new royal babies and more Apple iPhone releases than we can count, since we’ve started. The site has changed, grown, adapted and, we hope, entertained you for all of that time. Or if you’re new here then welcome, I’m sure you’ll fit right in! If you don’t know much about us and what TheGameJar ‘way of life’ is, please have a read of our About Us page. The page explains how we started, and a little about our aspirations for the site as a whole.

Of course the changes that age brings means that people have come and gone, our community has changed how they talk to us and we stand at a point in gaming history where possibilities are endless. There has never been a better time to write and discuss our collective passion for video games. It also means that rain fell on our 2014 Picnic parade, but never fear, we’re working to give it an autumnal appearance.

What this means though is that we need you. YOU! TheGameJar is once again opening its doors and looking for new contributors to carry us forward through this new generation of gaming. Our Editor-in-Chief Jenn has taken a tiny step out of the gaming world, believing that children are the future, and is learning to teach them how not to die continuously on Titanfall… It’s either that or she’s teaching them how to read, whichever is more productive. Whilst Jenn is still our (non-evil) overlord, the editorial day-to-day stuff is being handled by Sean Cleaver, who you would have seen/heard far too much over the past eight months on the site. Suffice to say, as he totally isn’t writing this in the third person, you are in very safe hands. Other members have gone on to launch projects of their own as well, paving the way for you to come on in, pull up an X Rocker and frag your way to some wordy inspiration.

Whether you’re a PC gamer, a fan of Indie early access games, a YouTuber or a Streamer who wants a place to vent, a gamer of retro vintage, a programmer in the industry, a new console champion, a back seat gamer; wherever you are in the world, whoever you are, there could be a place for you here. So, what do we want? Well here’s our boss lady-type Jenn to tell you!


We like to think we are a lovely bunch of people, not just the team but the community as a whole that we are slowly building around us. We don’t do this for the money, the ‘free games’ or any sort of recognition, we do this for the sheer fun and love of the industry, and if you have that same drive and passion we would love to hear from you. Maybe your talent lies in writing, maybe you’re a dab-hand at making your own videos, maybe you’re a cartoon artist and want a place to show off your work. Whatever it is you want to do we are open to suggestions. At the moment we are mainly looking for new writers, preferably those who like to create opinion features and talk about their experiences, and video creators with a talent for original content, production and presenting. This doesn’t mean you have to be a professional writer/video producer with a degree in journalism/media and a CV the size of a large turtle; you just have to have a pretty good understanding of the English language and have an opinion or three. We hope to make a large amount of cross-media content and your expertise could well be the key, who knows?



We don’t have any kind of qualifying gauntlet to run, nor must you throw buckets of cola and sugary mints over your head to show yourself. You just need to follow the instructions below. TheGameJar is completely voluntary as we are a place of love for the industry/hobby/lifestyle that we all enjoy. If you have any questions all you have to do is email Sean, or if you want to apply please include the following:

  • Subject – “Can I Join TheGameJar?”
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • A bit about yourself
  • The platforms you play on/favourite games
  • What you think you could bring to TheGameJar
  • Any links/attachments to your work (written/video/other). If you have none at all, please write up at least 700 words on the gaming subject of your choice
  • Any ideas you may like to try out as part of the team to make the site even better


[toggle title=”Or use this form if you don’t need to send any attachments”][contact-form-7 id=”4404″ title=”New Writers”][/toggle]

There are a few rules though: you must be over the age of 18, and please get your ‘applications’ in by midnight, 21st September 2014 so we can have a chance to go over everything. You should hear from us either way by the end of the month.

So what are you waiting for? We look forward to hearing from you!



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