Sean Cleaver Showreel – 2011


Here’s some things I’ve done from Sports Tonight Live


Here are some videos of the presenting and interview work I have done.

From September, you will be able to listen and watch me present the Verve Radio Sports Show at the link below. Times TBC

Verve Radio

Interview at Eurogamer about the OnLive Cloud Gaming launch

Taking a look at the new OnLive equipment QVC style.

Here is an interview with FIFA 12 producer David Rutter for Xtreme Gaming 24/7

Another interview for Xtreme Gaming 24/7, this time with F1 2011’s Lee Mather

This is an interview with F1 2011’s Paul Jeal for Xtreme Gaming 24/7

Here is a report from the Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Preview event for Xtreme Gaming 24/7


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