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Here are the links to all things I have published on TheGameJar to date, as the author link only goes ten articles back. This will be continuously updated as and when I can. Consider it an archive portfolio. The links take you directly to TheGameJar so if you like what you read or see anything else you like, let me know on Twitter @cleaverslips and @thegamejar.


The Game Jar



Minecraft 1.7 Update – The Beauty of Nature Cubed (Nov 2013)

Why We Can’t Lose – A Treatise on Multiplayer Gaming Behaviour (Nov 2013)

Missing The Obvious: Easy Money (Jan 2014)

Missing The Obvious: The Next Decent Star Trek Game (Jan 2014)

Missing The Obvious: Strategically Console (Feb 2014)

X-Wing Alliance – 15th Anniversary (Feb 2014)

Missing The Obvious: Silence SCUMM (Mar 2014)

The Real BAFTA Winners (Mar 2014)

Missing The Obvious: Limited World (Mar 2014)

Rollercoaster Tycoon – 15th Birthday (Mar 2014)

Why The Next Nintendo Console Will Be Digital Only (May 2014)

Minecraft – 5th Birthday (May 2014)

Why The Doom 4 Anti-Hype, Bethesda? (Jul 2014)

Alan Wake – Returning To Bright Falls (Jul 2014)

How I Survived The Steam Summer Sale On a Mac (Jul 2014)

The Illusion Of Choice (Aug 2014)

Destiny – By The Numbers (Sep 2014)

My Love Affair With Bungie (Sep 2014)

Destiny – Two Week On (Sep 2014)

The Rising Cost of Add-Ons and DLC (Oct 2014)

Are Too Many Games Broken On Release? Discuss! (Nov 2014)

Are Boxing Day Sales Over For Games? (Jan 2015)

How Video Games Tackle My Misanthropy (Feb 2015)



Sim City: Cities of Tomorrow (Jan 2014)

Dungeon Keeper iOS (Feb 2014)

World Of Tanks 360 (Feb 2014)

TheIndieJar – Toast Time (Feb 2014)

SingOn (Apr 2014)

Elder Scrolls Online (Apr 2014)

Watch_Dogs (Jun 2014)

Tropico 5 (Jun 2014)

Destiny (Sep 2014)

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (Oct 2014)

Styx: Master of Shadows (Oct 2014)

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Oct 2014)

Shadow Warrior (Nov 2014)

MX Vs ATV Supercross (Nov 2014)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Nov 2014)

DriveClub (Nov 2014)

Lords Of The Fallen (Dec 2014)

Never Alone (Dec 2014)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Dec 2014)

Saints Row 4 Re-Elected/Gat Out Of Hell (Jan 2015)

Evolve (Feb 2015)



TheIndieJar – Starbound (Dec 2013)

Enemy Front (Apr 2014)

Lords Of The Fallen Demonstration (Apr 2014)

The Evil Within (May 2014)

GRID Autosport (Jun 2014)

MX Vs ATV Supercross (Jul 2014)

Escape Dead Island (Aug 2014)

Dead Island 2 (Aug 2014)

Batman Arkham Knight (Aug 2014)

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Aug 2014)

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Aug 2014)

Mortal Kombat X (Aug 2014)

Magicka 2 (Aug 2014)

Tanki Online HD (Sep 2014)

Christopher Brookmyre’s: Bedlam (Sep 2014)

World of Warships (Sep 2014)

F1 2014 (Sep 2014)

Lords of the Fallen Hands-On (Oct 2014)

Shadow Warrior (Oct 2014)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Hands-On (Oct 2014)

WWE2K15 (Oct 2014)

What’s Next for Resident Evil? Revelations 2 and HD (Nov 2014)

Total War Arena (Dec 2014)

Skyforge (Jan 2015)

Project CARS (Jan 2015)



World of Tanks 360 with Marvin Hall (Feb 2014)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Sep 2014)

Dead Island 2 with Isaac Ashdown (Sep 2014)

Dragon Age Inquisition with Neil Thompson (Oct 2014)

Escape Dead Island with Anthony Cardahi (Oct 2014)

Project CARS with Andy Tudor (Oct 2014)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham with Matt Ellison (Oct 2014)



GTA San Andreas Coming to Mobile in December (Nov 2013)

The Elder Scrolls Online – Character Creation With Sean (Apr 2014)

E3 Recap – Sony Press Conference (Jun 2014)

Xbox Report – Gamescom 2014 (Aug 2014)

EA Report – Gamescom 2014 (Aug 2014)

Christopher Brookmyre’s: Bedlam – Let’s Play (Sep 2014)

TheGameJar Wants YOU! – Recruitment (Sep 2014)

New Magicka 2 Trailer Karaoke Competition, More Exploding Cats (Sep 2014)

Destiny Xbox One Competition (Sep 2014)

TheGameJar’s Scariest Gaming Moments (Oct 2014)

TheGameJar Awards 2014 – YOU Decide! (Dec 2014)

TheGameJar Awards 2014 – WINNERS! Video (Jan 2015)

LEGO Announce Dinosaurs and Superheroes – Jurassic World (Jan 2015)


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